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Private Singing Lessons

singing_01Whether you’re in need of singing lessons to practice for an audition or have dreams of a career in vocal performance, Lucy Allen Tenenbaum Voice Studio in Rutland, Vermont, can accommodate. An experienced vocal coach, Lucy is ready to deliver the one-on-one lessons you need to learn proper vocal techniques which can be applied to any musical area of interest. Areas of specialty include adolescent changing voices, encouraging “uncertain” singers, college and Broadway bound high school singers who need direction in audition pieces and languages, and especially folks who have always wanted to take voice lessons but have put it off. Now is the time!!

Lucy Allen Tenenbaum has expertise in the languages that singers need. German, French, Italian and Latin, and of course, English, are where Lucy’s strengths lie. With IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) she can also help you learn any language and how it is changed by using it with your singing voice.

Vocal Coaching

Through the years, Lucy has worked with many singers on an individualized basis. Today, she uses her extensive experience to deliver the best in singing lessons and vocal coaching services to singers, and folks who want to be singers, throughout the area. Her knowledge of Vocal Pedagogy allows her to customize every lesson to the needs of that particular singer. Through this knowledge, she can help you protect your voice and know how to keep your vocal skills at top performance throughout your life. From grade school through junior and high school, college and adulthood, into older age, every voice has a place, and can be molded into a fine singing instrument. Performance and performance anxiety are addressed, as well as offering a deeper understanding of the musical background of the songs you want to sing.